Friday 16 September 2011



This has been a weird week. Not a real busy one, because I didn't really give myself any deadlines to meet, but I did do a lot of cleaning, reshuffling, moving, recycling, and reorganising of my bookshelves and writing stuff.


There was a lot to organise, but at least now... most of the clutter is gone. Everything has a designated spot to go to, at the end of my writing sessions. What I'd been doing before wasn't working. I just kept everything handy. And by 'handy', I mean all over the computer desk and/or living room. lol.

Not anymore.

Of course, when I'm writing and/or revising, I'll still have post-it notes all over my calendar and folders and notes everywhere... but at least they'll have a place to go daily. Not even sure if this makes any sense. But this is the life of a writer without an office or desk. Which is fine with me, I write at the main computer desk on the main computer, or on the couch with the lappy. Plus, I can brainstorm and take notes on the couch and kitchen bench.

See, I've got it all worked out! ;)

I've also been doing plenty of reading. I'm almost finished this excellent book, and hope to get to the end by tomorrow. It's just so cool, I can't wait to see how it all ends...

Today, I'd like to get stuck into some more brainstorming for Recast #3. I started yesterday, by grabbing all of the notes I already have and putting them together. The story's been inside my head for a while--a bit disjointed--so it's just a matter of actually sitting down and getting the events outta my head in a linear way. Looking forward to it. I'm hoping to get started on it next week, see how I go. It's probably not a great idea because my daughter goes on school holidays soon, but I don't want to put this idea on hold. Not when it's so ready to leave my brain. :D


I hope you all have a great weekend!

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