Friday 12 August 2011

Last day of the week!

This week has become a blur of words, trouble, and constant thinking about my current WIP. Yikes! It's totally consuming my mind. Which is actually a great thing. :)

I love getting so wrapped up in a story that the characters constantly whisper inside my head, and new scenes, conversations, as well as twists keep popping into my brain when I least expect it.

Yesterday, while I was walking with MCR plugged into my ears, the end of the book played out inside my head. Awesome! 

Actually, the soundtracks for this book are: Discovery by Daft Punk and The Black Parade by My Chemical Romance. Both are absolutely perfect for the story, especially MCR's TBP, because some of the songs relate directly to some of the chapters I've been writing. :) Love that.

The Sierra Fox #2 word count has hit 40,653. That's my word count goal for today, so anything I add during my writing session when I get home from dropping my daughter off at school is extra word count. It'll put me in a good place for next week. And if hubby works tomorrow, I can squeeze in a few more too.

I'm loving every minute of writing this story, and am already thinking about the next installment...

Oh, you know what happened the other day? Just out of the blue, our LCD TV decided to play up. For some reason, there was this horrid smudge on the right side of it. Like the image was flipping. We thought it was odd, but what was odder was the fact that after a while, it would disappear and work just fine again. Yet, it did it every day after that. Yesterday, someone came in to look at it--it's under extended warranty--and we were surprised to hear him say it was a serious problem. He reckons the screen's gone.

WTF? Anyway, he took it with him and said he'd get back to us soon. Now, we've got our daughter's much smaller TV in the living room. It feels so strange, like something's missing. lol. Still, it's better than no TV at all, I suppose. Hope we hear back soon, and I'm wondering if it's something that'll be fixed, or if it'll need to be replaced. O_o

Okay. I need to get ready. It's time to head out, drop my daughter off at school, go for a walk by the river, and then get back to get stuck into some writing! Hoping for another productive run...

Have a good one!

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