Monday 13 June 2011

RED GLOVE by Holly Black

A changed world, an America where Magic is prohibited - Holly Black's sensational new fantasy series continues.

The Sopranos meets Six Feet Under - a wonderfully dark, supernatural vision of modern day America.

Cassel has discovered the dark secret of his past, the secret that set him apart from his family. Now he must take his new knowledge and his new powers out into the world.

A dark and twisting contemporary fantasy set in a beautifully rendered, subtly different world this is a wonderfully nuanced and involving fantasy, at once melancholy, ironic and terrifying. It is perfect for fans of Neil Gaiman.

Last year, I had the absolute pleasure of reading and reviewing White Cat, and absolutely loved every minute of Cassel's first story. So I was super excited when I received a copy of the next Curse Workers book. And it didn't disappoint. I can sum it up in one word: brilliant!

Cassel has spent the summer with his mother, which really isn't as great as it sounds. Together, they pull off one con after another, until it's time for him to go back to school. He attends a private school called Wallingford Preparatory. It provides enough of a personal illusion, to help him pretend he's normal for a while. But he's not. Especially now that he knows the truth about what he really is.

He used to think he was the only non-worker in a family full of them, but it turns out that not only is he a worker, but he's also a very rare one. Which really isn't as much of a shock as living with the truth of what he used to be involved in when his brothers were using him.

Now, his oldest brother, Philip, has been killed and because he'd caught the attention of the Feds, they approach Cassel and want him to help them find the killer. He agrees, but on his own terms--which usually includes a good dose of deceit. The more he delves into his brother's death, the more he realises that it's in his best interest to find out who killed him because the Fed's investigation might just lead back to Cassel...

I love this very dangerous and involved world where people have to wear gloves or they risk being 'worked'. Cassel constantly finds himself in the middle of complicated situations--including a girl who's been cursed to love him, and her father, who happens to be a mob boss who desperately wants Cassel to work for him.

Red Glove is an outstanding book that hooked me in from the very beginning and didn't let me go until I got to the end. It was a wonderful, thrilling ride that I can't wait to take again next year, when the next book is released.

I loved this book. Holly Black is an impressive storyteller.        

Red Glove: The Curse Workers #2, June 2011, ISBN 9780575096769, Gollancz Paperback

H&UFRC books read: 27/24

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