Saturday 18 June 2011

Happy Weekend!

Okay, today we have Weekend WeeMee.

Let me just mention that I don't wear dresses. Actually, the last time I wore a dress was probably on my wedding day... which was almost 12 years ago. But this is so cute! I think this dress totally suits me, and I'd love to wear it to the beach. :)

BTW, my daughter loves making these cute versions of me. Wish I could use one of them for my passport. Seriously. I had my passport photo taken yesterday and those things are just so unflattering. O_o

I have to admit, I don't really like having my picture taken...

Anyway, because hubby went to work super early this morning I actually added another 2k to my WIP. This now brings the total word count to 37,054. I'm very excited about the progress this week. I managed to add 17,019 new words this week--Tuesday-Saturday. I missed out on Monday because it was a public holiday.

Well. I better get going. I've actually got a small to-do list for this morning that I'd love to get through before hubby gets home. See ya later!

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