Sunday 8 May 2011

THE AURORA TEAGARDEN MYSTERIES #7: Last Scene Alive by Charlaine Harris

A mystery series from the No. 1 bestselling author of the Sookie Stackhouse novels.

Lawrenceton, Georgia, was once a small town; now many people see it only as a growing suburb of Atlanta - but it's still a small town at heart, where people wander in and out of each other's homes, and everybody knows everybody's business. Librarian Aurora Teagarden - Roe to her friends - grew up there, and she should know. She's always been interested in the darker side of human nature, ever since her True Crime book club led to a real murder...

This omnibus edition contains the last four novels: Dead Over Heals (book 5); A Fool and his Honey (book 6); Last Scene Alive (book 7 ); Poppy Done to Death (book 8).

**This review will contain spoilers relating to Book #6: A Fool and His Honey***

This series just gets better and better, with each new installment. :)

Roe's had a really tough year. She's been gripped with grief and loneliness after losing her husband, Martin, to a heart attack. The home he purchased for her as a gift--because she instantly fell in love with it--now feels empty and cold. The life she enjoyed is nothing but a struggle now, and everyone keeps bugging her about the movie people who are taking Lawrenceton by storm.

Of course, Roe doesn't want anything to do with it because the movie is actually based on real life events, things that happened to Roe. And the book it's based on happened to be written by an old friend of hers, Robin Crusoe. Robin's return to town brings with it a new lease of life for Roe, a welcome distraction, and a new murder-mystery...

I liked the character of Robin Crusoe way back in the first book, so seeing him back in Roe's life was great. I was very glad to see him again. The chemistry between them is just too strong to keep them apart.

Last Scene Alive is another excellent addition to this already awesome series. I love spending time with Roe, and joining her while she tried to get over the death of her husband and find her way back to her own life was heartwarming. Although, it's not easy and leads to some unexpected dangers along the way.

I loved it, and now I only have one more book left to read. :(

The Aurora Teagarden Mysteries: Omnibus 2, April 2011, ISBN 9780575096509, Gollancz Paperback

M&SRC books read: 13/12

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