Sunday 10 April 2011


PI Ethan Banning wouldn't normally touch a haunting case. Mostly because he doesn't believe in ghosts. But when Charlie Mullen asks him to spend the night at a supposedly haunted morgue, Ethan figures, why not? He's broke and Charlie's offering double his normal rate, and that's good enough for Ethan.

But when a troublesome ghost really does show up, Ethan realises he's going to need more than a good supply of alcohol to get through the night.

I have AFTERLIFE and DEMONIZED--which are both books set in Naomi Clark's Shoregrave series--on my Kindle already, but when I found out that this short story is where it all begins for Ethan, I decided to start here. And I was totally sucked into this world.

Ethan is a PI--I love PI stories, btw--who probably drinks and smokes too much. He doesn't seem very PC for today's standard's, but you know, that's why I liked him so much. lol.

While having a few drinks at Sylvester's bar, a man called Charlie approaches Ethan about a paranormal problem that's going on at the local morgue. Ethan's not very excited about spending a night at the morgue, but he does need the money, so he goes along. What he gets himself into is both hilarious and scary.

I had a lot of fun with this story, and now can't wait to read more stories set in this world. I can just tell that Ethan's going to be one of those characters that I'm going to love...
H&UFRC books read: 17/24

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