Monday 28 March 2011

The start of another week...

...and it's also the last week of March. Yikes!

Well. today I've taken time away from my writing/revising and instead spent it doing other stuff. You know how it is, sometimes you just gotta tackle real life stuff. I've also snuck in as much reading as I can. It's been pretty good.

I'm only giving myself today and tomorrow. Tomorrow, because I have a doctor's appointment smack-bang in the middle of the day. It's also several suburbs away, which means I'll be taking the train there.

Yesterday I popped into the Samhain blog and posted a little post. :)

Oh, and this is super cool. For me, it's like the past meeting the present. Yay.

Well... I'm going to go and read a little more, before it's time to head out to pick my daughter up from school. I'm really enjoying DESIRES OF THE DEAD.

See ya!

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