Wednesday 30 March 2011

Mid-week, huh?

Yeah, we're here again. And I'm so tired. *yawn*

Got up at 4am this morning. I also had a very tiring day yesterday. I spent most of it out and about, catching several trains to get to my destination. Nothing serious, I just had a doctor's appointment--check-up. I also bought two books and finished reading the book I reviewed below. So I did manage to get a few things done in the process. It just took a lot out of me, that's all.

It would've been really easy to just take the rest of the week off to relax and plan ahead some more, but I've decided to sneak in some more revision. This time, I'm working on the second draft of the novella that helped me get back into the swing of (the writing) thing earlier this month. I planned to work on it next week, but because it's only 98 pages (and 31,570 words) long, I thought it might be cool to try and get it done this week, instead.

I have to admit this plan is a little ambitious, but I've already started on it and have revised the first 11 pages. In order to get the second draft done by Friday, I'd have to revise roughly 33 pages/day. I still have the rest of the day to go, so I might be able to do it. The only thing that'll change this plan are edits. If I get any edits at all, I'll have to put this aside.

For now, it's working.

Have a great day!

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