Friday 7 January 2011


Shiarra Waynest’s detective work was dangerous enough when her client base was strictly mortal. But ailing finances have forced her to accept a lucrative case that could save her firm — if it doesn’t kill her first. Shiarra has signed on to work for a high-level mage to recover an ancient artifact owned by one of New York’s most powerful vampires.

As soon as Shiarra meets scary, mesmerizing vamp Alec Royce, she knows her assignment is even more complicated than she thought. With a clandestine anti-Other group trying to recruit her, and magi being eliminated, Shiarra needs back-up and enlists her ex-boyfriend–a werewolf whose non-furry form is disarmingly appealing–and a nerdy mage with surprising talents. But it may not be enough. In a city where the undead roam, magic rules, and even the Others aren’t always what they seem, Shiarra has just become the secret weapon in a battle between good and evil–whether she likes it or not…

I just finished reading this book this morning, and I had a lot of fun with it! It's another great urban fantasy story, but this time it features a human heroine who's a little reluctant to be part of the supernatural world. Even if she keeps getting dragged into it.

This book's packed with a heap of good stuff--vampires, werewolves, magi, unsolved murders, family matters, problems of the heart, action, and an addictive story with a unique flavour that'll keep you interested until the very end.

Enjoyed it so much that I've already got the next one in the series waiting on my Kindle. :)

H&UFRC books read: 2/24

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