Monday 24 January 2011


Welcome to a new week!

This one's going to be a broken-up one. Yay. Hubby goes to work today and tomorrow, has Wednesday off (it's Australia Day, here in Oz), then goes back to finish the work-week with Thursday and Friday. Phew. After that, the weekend rolls around, and my daughter goes back to school next Monday.

That's also when I plan to throw myself into the third/final draft of The Hidden #6. So I've got to prepare myself for that this week, which means reading up on a few last-minute things, as well as taking several notes of things to add/change that have come to my mind since getting the second draft done.

OMG, on Saturday, I finished reading DELIRIUM. And it was absolutely amazing! I absolutely adored every minute of it. This is a book that I highly recommend. :)

I don't actually have a to-do list ready for this week, but I have several things racing around inside my head that need doing. But first, I gotta head out for my daily walk. Catch'a tomorrow!


Ericka Scott said...

Happy Australia Day!

We are celebrating here in California, at least that's what I "assume" our school district was thinking about when the scheduled a minimum day this week. BG.

Hope you had a good one and bet you are really looking forward to your daughter heading back to school!

Yolanda Sfetsos said...

Hi & thanks, Ericka! We had a great day off. :) My daughter goes back to school on Monday. Just the weekend to go now, lol.

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