Tuesday 7 December 2010

Not enough sleep...

Isn't a good idea when you intend to get up super early! lol.

Anyway. I'll survive. I think if I can squeeze in a yoga workout sometime this morning (maybe even before my daughter wakes up) I might be able to get a little bounce back into the day. We'll see. 

As I mentioned yesterday, this week's going to be made up of random stuff on my to-do list. I managed to get the book I was reading finished and reviewed. Yay. And have now decided that I will read the next one in the omnibus too, before squeezing in a different book.

Oh, and I also started writing the first chapter of that futuristic novel idea that I've mentioned a few times. Only to realise that I need to go back to it and add/change a few things that I decided (much later) would need to be altered. Cool.

BTW, if you use this code: V40T412S2 at Evernight Publishing, you can get 25% off THE SOUL DEALER: Deception and/or Redemption. So if you'd like to get these two novellas for a bargain price, now would be an awesome time to get a copy/ies. Come on, you know you want to read a PNR featuring demons, a scary entity known only as the Soul Dealer, and a bit of spice. ;) 

Well, see ya later!

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