Friday 10 December 2010


This is Noel & Natala's second (and final) novella.

It takes place a year after they meet. But instead of spending it at home, they head to the North Pole to help Nick with a personal problem that leads them to some demonic danger...

Darkness is cheap, and demons like it…

Noel is actually looking forward to Christmas this year because it will mark the first anniversary since he met Natala. Plus, he has a big surprise for her and knows just how he wants to celebrate afterward. But when Nick drops in and asks them to help find his missing wife, they agree to go back to HQ in the North Pole with him.

While Natala attempts to use her knowledge of demons to track Nick’s wife down, Noel is forced to wait helpless inside HQ. And what lays waiting at the end of the line only puts Natala in the clutches of another demon.

This time, Natala is the only one who can take down the dark threat, while Noel wonders if she’ll make it back in time for Christmas.

Demon of Christmas Present is now available.


Ericka Scott said...

Congratulations! I *love* the covers!

Yolanda Sfetsos said...

Thank you, Ericka! :)

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