Friday 31 December 2010

DEADTOWN by Nancy Holzner

Vicky’s demanding job keeping the city safe from all manner of monsters is one reason her relationship with workaholic lawyer (and werewolf) Alexander Kane is in constant limbo. Throw in a foolhardy zombie apprentice, a mysterious demon-plagued client, and a suspicious research facility that’s taken an unwelcome interest in her family, and Vicky’s love life has as much of a pulse as Deadtown’s citizens.

But now Vicky’s got bigger things to worry about. The Hellion who murdered her father ten years ago has somehow broken through Boston’s magical protections. The Hellion is a ruthless force of destruction with a personal grudge against Vicky, and she’s the only one who can stop the demon before it destroys the city and everyone in it.

Technically, I actually finished reading this book a few hours into the new month/year, but because I read the majority of it on Friday, I'm going to add this as my last-book-read-during 2010. :) And what an awesome way to finish the year! I absolutely loved every minute of this fast-paced, well written book. So much that I ordered the second one in the series before I'd even finished it.

Firstly, I just want to say that there are no words to capture just how much I enjoyed this book. It was fantastic. Seriously, this is one awesome book. Vicky's an awesome character and the world she lives in is absolutely amazing.

Victory 'Vicky' Vaughn is Cerddorion (Welsh shapeshifter) and also a kick-ass demon hunter with a lot of survival skills, as well as one particularly dark mark that came about after her father's tragic death. She lives in Deadtown, and has a roommate who happens to be a vampire. Deadtown is where Boston's paranormals live. She's kept very busy with her job of exterminating demons from people's lives. She gets paid well, and is even considering taking on an apprentice--a teenage zombie with a knack for trouble.

However, when a Hellion arrives in Deadtown, her life becomes one big mess. See, she's got a past with this particular Hellion, and she's determined to do whatever it takes to stop him from executing his plans. With so much on the line, she finds herself in one problem after another, leading to an outstanding conclusion.

I know I've already said it, but I loved everything about this book. Even the subplots and love interests--I believe I've got a soft spot for Daniel--added to the overall story. And the worldbuilding's amazing. Pure brilliance.

Yep, this is probably going to make it on my fave-urban-fantasy-series list. :) 

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