Tuesday 9 November 2010

Totally Dizzy

Yeah, not sure what's going on there... but I feel dizzy. I woke up that way, and suspect that it might have something to do with not getting enough sleep. :/

Think I should try to get an early one tonight. Yeah.

Yesterday, I wound up writing up a storm, and by the time I headed out to pick my daughter up from school, I'd managed to add over 7k to my NaNoWriMo story:

•NaNo word count: 23,744.

I was pleasantly shocked. And am very excited about the fact that this current word count has taken me over my Friday word count target. How cool is that? Anything I manage to add from now on is just going to be an added extra, and it'll help get me further ahead. Awesome stuff! ;)

Hubby started at normal time this morning, so instead of getting stuck into the NaNo right away, I actually finished reading this book, and then proofread my review for this one. Yeah, thought I'd squeeze in a few other things since I knew my daughter would get up sooner than later. But as soon as I get back, it's time to hit the word count again.

Well, see ya!

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