Thursday 4 November 2010

MCR are rockin' my world!

Here are the stats for Day 3 of my NaNo-slash-editing:

•NaNo word count: 8,128
•First round edits page count: 62/88

But of course, that's not an accurate-up-to-date account because I spent this morning adding some new words to the story. I managed to add over 2k before my daughter woke up, so the new word count is: 10,358.

Awesome! Very excited to be over my word count goal for today. And because of that, I might just take the rest of the day to finish the novella edit. I have 26pgs left to do, and although I might not be able to get that done before lunchtime today, I might just keep working until I do get it done & email it in. That'll mean that I can spend all tomorrow adding new words to NaNoWriMo.

Man, I had a reward lined up for today, too. As soon as I got my required morning word count and my daughter woke up, I was going to listen to the new MCR single on their website. And man, it's absolutely AWESOME! I am so loving what they've shared with the world so far. I mean, I'm a huge fan anyway, so I've been looking forward to this album, but seeing what's on offer is very exciting. I love the story so far.

Here's a trailer for the upcoming clip:

Awesome, huh? I can't wait to watch the whole thing. I'm really lovin' this futuristic story they're telling with their songs, it's totally awesome. :) Oh, and I'm really looking forward to getting my raygun, lol.

Well, see ya later!

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