Thursday 21 October 2010

The Mind of the Restless

Yeah, that's been me for most of this week. I've been a little restless and unable to concentrate on the one thing. So I've been taking it easy, catching up on reviews, sorting my TBReviewed bookshelf, and making lists.

Anyway. Yesterday, Tim Marquitz posted an Author Spotlight with me on his blog. It was a lot of fun. 

<---As you see to the left... I've finally made the decision. I will be taking part in NaNoWriMo again this year. Yay! Or at least, I've signed up for it. :) This'll be my fifth year in a row, so I'm pretty determined to get there again. It might include a little juggling--if I get more edits during next month--but I'm going to stay as positive as I can about it. Besides, how can I pass up the opportunity to write another novel? ;)

I'd been debating whether to sign up for a few weeks now, and when I spoke to hubby about it, he said the same thing he always says: what have you got to lose? Just give it a go! Of course, he's right. He knows me so well. And I absolutely love, not just his support, but how he helps me work through the times when I'm figuring things out, and what to do next. He's awesome!

If you're taking part too and you'd like to add me as a buddy, this is me: *Y* I know, weird name, huh? But it's what I set up when I first signed up and now I don't know how to change it, lol. So I guess it's gonna have to stay that way. Not a big deal, I suppose.

As I mentioned above, I've been thinking (a lot) about what to work on next. I even had a list of anthologies that I wanted to write new stories for and sub them in by the due dates. And I mean a big list. But you know, I realised that I was putting pressure on myself for no reason. It's not like I was invited to sub to them, I'm just a sucker for an anthology. So, I decided to scrap the whole list. I'm not going to push myself to meet unrealistic deadlines and end up having to put other things aside.

I think my projects next year are going to be about: less is more. As in concentrating on less projects at a time, but longer works, and in turn ending up being more. Does that even make sense? Oddly, it does to me. :) Don't know what it is about this time of the year, but it always makes me get all pensive and itching to plan ahead for the new year.

For now, I'm going to focus on the planning for my NaNoWriMo novel... which is kinda already whispering inside my head. Has been for a few weeks now. I started taking notes last night, and I'm getting pretty excited about it. Oh, and speaking of excited, I'm currently reading this book. Wow, it's so much fun so far. It's no wonder that I love urban fantasy so much.

Well, have a great & productive day! 

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