Saturday 2 October 2010

HOW TO LOVE A WEREWOLF by Sophie Collins

He's tall, dark and handsome. He picks you up when you're down. And he's always there for you. But... he's a werewolf?

Whether he’s been your best friend for years or you’ve suddenly sprung a crazily close bond with the new kid on the block, a werewolf is a girl’s best friend. But what if he wants more?Don’t let confusing feelings mess up your friendships, or crazy crushes stand in the way of true love. Whether you’ve got a vampire love to die for, or fancy running with wolves for a change, we show you how to track down your werewolf, get in with his pack and untangle even the trickiest of love triangles.Packed with charts, quizzes, and the savviest advice around, this little guide can sort a supernaturally complicated love life, and help you figure out your feelings once and for all (without leaving him in the doghouse).

I have to admit that when I saw this cover, I was very curious about this book.

So when I received a copy for review, I picked it up and started reading. It's a lovely book filled with helpful information for any girl who's ever wondered if keeping a werewolf as a best friend, or taking that next step into making him your boyfriend, is the best option. It gives you a bunch of different scenarios, and even lets you compare the difference between a werewolf and vampire potential boyfriend.

The inside looks like a cross between a teen magazine and a diary--filled with tidbits, helpful info, comparisons, and quizzes. You can even take notes to help you figure things out. It's a must-have for teens. It's also a short read that I got through in one sitting. I also got a laugh out of it, too. The pictures are zany, the information hilarious... and what I liked the best is that it's all in the name of fun!

How To Love a Werewolf is a very cute book that any werewolf fan should check out at least once. :)

How to Love a Werewolf, October 2010, ISBN 9781846013683, Spruce Hardback

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