Saturday 9 October 2010

The first Soul Dealer novella is here!

If you like paranormal romance, you might enjoy Alana and Matt's story of love lost... and found.

When someone is killed too suddenly or tragically, there’s a creature ready to bargain for their soul…

Fate’s cruel hand took Alana from Matt before he had a chance to tell her how he felt.

A year later, he’s still mourning her loss but Matt doesn’t realize that he hasn’t completely lost her. Yet, he’ll never know how close she really is if he continues to ignore his ability.

Alana has struck a deal that’ll save Matt before the end of All Hallows Eve, but time is running out. And if it does, both of their souls will be lost.

The second novella, THE SOUL DEALER: Redemption is coming soon from Evernight Publishing.

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