Thursday 9 September 2010

My gosh!

This week is slipping away from me so quickly. I mean, don't get me wrong I've been super busy and that's why it's going so fast, but still.

So, I've been working really hard at getting the Sci-Fi rewrite done. I'd like to have it finished and submitted to my editor by early next week. Fingers crossed. There's a bit of work to be done. Several changes, additions, things to delete, others to ponder. But overall, there's been a lot of chopping and moving things around. I hope I'm not taking things in the wrong direction. The changes I'm making feel good so far.

I've reached pg 47/109. I've fallen a little behind, but that's okay. I'll be spending all day on it today.

I finally did what I've been thinking about doing for several weeks now. I cut most of the length off my hair. Well, hubby actually chopped the length and I've been cutting in some layers with my trusty razor comb (which is awesome!). I really like it! I think I needed the change. Now my hair sits just above my shoulders. Very cool.

Here are a few new things that have been going on... the Static Movement Anthology GHOSTS AND DEMONS is now available from The Book Depository. I ordered my copy the other day, can't wait to get it. And the MADNESS OF THE MIND Anthology is now available at Amazon. Also very cool!

And because I've become addicted to subbing stories to Static Movement anthos, I've had a trilogy of stories accepted into FAERIES - An Anthology of Magical Short Stories. These stories have been available before as eBooks, but never in print. And I changed a few details too. I did the same for the story I subbed to DARK ROMANCE - From the Far Side. I also had a horror shorty accepted into Oh, The Horror. Actually, my story kinda matches the cover. :) 

Yeah, like I said: addicted. lol

Well. I guess that's it for this morning. I'm hoping to squeeze in at least one chapter before my daughter wakes up. So, catch'a later!

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