Thursday 22 July 2010

SIZZLING SIXTEEN by Janet Evanovich

It is summertime in Jersey and our favourite bounty hunter Stephanie Plum is up to her old antics, joined by her gang of memorable characters: Grandma, Lulu, Connie, Vinnie and Mooner. Someone wants to kill Vinnie, Lula's involved in a shabby investment scheme while Stephanie is chasing a dangerous crim. Adding even more heat to Stephanie's life are those two sizzling hot heroes... it's Ranger days and Morelli nights (Or perhaps it's the other way 'round).

Get ready for some grand-scale fun. With hilarious capers and action galore, this is a laugh-a-minute Stephanie Plum novel not to be missed!

Well, here we are again. This is the latest book in the Stephanie Plum series, and it didn't disappoint. That's for sure. :)

Stephanie's a bond enforcement agent, which comes with some risks, but that's not the only thing that makes her life so incredibly hard and dangerous. Nope, she's got two hotties in her life--Morelli and Ranger--and can't seem to make up her mind about which one she wants. So much that it's starting to keep her up at night. And then, when she rocks on into work with Lula one morning, Connie tells them that Vinnie was taken by his bookie. Apparently, her sleazy cousin owes $786,000 after a stroke of bad luck at the track. And by the time they decide to bail him out, the amount has risen by a lot more.

Of course, they don't have that sort of money. But as it turns out, there's something much bigger and more sinister going on. Something to do with a guy called, Sunflower. So, what can the three tough chicks do to help Vinnie? They decide to find out where he is and break him out. Which leads Stephanie, Lula, and Connie into one hilarious and downright dangerous situation after another. Before they realise it, they're into something a lot deeper than they imagined. But with Ranger and Morelli on her side, Stephanie might be able to save the day. Oh, and Uncle Pip's lucky bottle might help her out of a few tight spots, too.

There's a lot of fun and snappy dialogue, a good dose of explosions, fires, a funeral viewing with a difference, some strange people to catch, an alligator called Mr. Jingles, stink bombs, a cow stampede, shootings, a genius plan to 'collect' the money they owe for Vinnie's release, brownies with a secret ingredient, and an all-round good time to be had by all!

Sizzling Sixteen is another hilarious installment in this awesome series. It's just one of those series that I can't get enough of. I doubt I'll every get sick of Stephanie's antics, or Lula's insane diets, or even Grandma Mazur's hilarious ways. This is one series that I want to keep reading and reading. What an awesome adventure! Oh, and look out for the Hobbits. There's an excellent scene featuring some very brave Hobbits, towards the end. LOL.

Can't wait for the next one!

Sizzling Sixteen, July 2010, ISBN 978-075-535280-7, Headline Fiction Paperback

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