Friday 16 April 2010

Fade to Grey...

That's the song I'm listening to right now, so I thought I'd use it as my post title. ;)

If you'd like to see the cover and read the Sneeky Peek of my story in the upcoming issue of Ethereal Tales, you can right HERE.

Well, here we are again. The weekend's so close I can taste it. lol.

Tomorrow we've got to take Loki in for his annual check up and vaccine at the RSPCA. That's where we adopted him from when he was a tiny, tiny kitty and keep going to the vets there every year. The poor buddy. He gets so knocked out by that needle, but at least the effects clear by the next morning.

Other than that, we really don't have any set plans. Oh, my daughter wants to go to check something out at a store but she always wants to do that. As long as we hang out together and go for our lovely walks by the river, I'll be happy. Doesn't take much to make me smile.

Well, it's almost the end of my daughter's holidays. She's got today and Monday to go, and although I'm into the full swing of the second draft I'm working on at the moment, I'm really tempted to put it aside until Monday and get a few other things out of the way instead. I've got an interview I need to proofread and email in, a review I need to proofread and post, as well as my monthly RomErotica post to write and post before Monday. That doesn't sound like much but when I try to squeeze it in between forty pages of revision, reading, and other daily stuff, time just runs out.

Last night I hit page 254/408. The word count's sitting at @81,656. I really got stuck into it last night but every time I get lost in it and the world around me fades away, I get interrupted. It's a shock to the system and really throws me off balance. Besides, it's Friday and I've been feeling a little glum most of this week.

Well, I guess that's it for today.

Enjoy your weekend!


Tez Miller said...

We adopted Manny from an RSPCA, too :-) But the drive there is too long, so he gets a five-minute drive to the local vet instead ;-) He's due for his annual check-up in July.

Fingers crossed Loki is healthy, and not too traumatised from the vet visit!

Yolanda Sfetsos said...

Yeah, he doesn't enjoy the drive over there. He hates the car and spends most of the time crying. :( He's okay when we're at the vet, though, sniffing everything and looking around. Poor thing.

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