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Emily Benedict came to Mullaby, North Carolina, hoping to solve at least some of the riddles surrounding her mother's life. But the moment Emily enters the house where her mother grew up and meets the grandfather she never knew, she realises that mysteries aren't solved in Mullaby, they're a way of life. Here are rooms where the wallpaper changes to suit your mood. Unexplained lights skip across the yard at midnight. And a neighbor, Julia Winterson, bakes hope in the form of cakes, offering them to satisfy the town's sweet tooth - but also in the hope of rekindling a love she fears might be lost forever.

Can a humminbird cake really bring back a lost love? Is there really a ghost dancing in Emily's backyard? The answers are never what you expect. But in this town of lovable misfits, the unexpected fits right in.

This is a book that grabbed my attention as soon as I read the blurb. I also thought the cover was charming and wanted to know more.

Emily's just a teenager, but her mother (Dulcie) recently died. Now she's moved to the town of Mullaby to stay with her grandfather. A giant of a man she's never met, and lives in an enchanted house all alone. This is the same house where her mother grew up, the town that holds a secret strong enough to drive Dulcie away and never return. Actually, she never spoke to her daughter about the town, her past there, or the father she hadn't seen in years.

Julia lives next door, and is a woman with a two-year plan. She wants to get out of Mullaby as soon as she can, and only has six months to go. She bears a lot of emotional and physical scars from the past, and the life with the father she could never impress enough to actually see her. No matter what she did or how bright she made her hair, he'd never had enough time for her while growing up, he was too busy with his wife. Julia loves to bake cakes, and sells them at the restaurant to very eager customers, but is filled with ambition of her own. She's also keeping a secret that might actually be a blessing in disguise.

Although this story at first glance appears to be set in a real-life setting with secrets, misfits, and mystery, it's a lot more. It's a place filled with magic. A place where wallpaper changes designs on its own, a place where dancing lights haunt the night, and a place where a cake can lead someone home. It's a magical town, and every person in it possesses their own type of magic.

I loved this well-written and enchanting tale so much I devoured it within twenty-four hours. I enjoyed all the characters because each had their own quirks and touch of magical air, but I found myself developing a soft spot for Julia and Sawyer. Their story was heartbreaking and I couldn't wait to find out if they'd work the past out, so they could get on with the present. Or if they'd just allow circumstance to push them apart. It's why I loved the ending, it brought a tear to my eye.

The Girl Who Chased The Moon is a wonderful and magical story that was filled with hope. A story that'll make you hold your breath as you wait to see what will unfold next. It's a story about the sins and mistakes of the past. A look at what happens when one doesn't know the whole story and simply assumes, letting the years slip away. It's also a beautiful tale about lost souls finding their way to each other.

This really is an unforgettable tale that's earned a place on my keeper shelf.

Also, check out the book trailer, it really captured the essence of this story...

Girl Who Chased the Moon, April 2010, ISBN 978-144-470662-8, H&S Fiction Paperback (C)

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