Wednesday 20 January 2010

A muddle of thoughts

Anyway. How are you all today? We've reached the mid-week mark once again. Yikes, we seem to get here at least once a week, don't we? ;) I don't mind. It means that the weekend with hubby is only a few days away. It also means that in eight days... my daughter goes back to school. She's not too happy about it, but I think it'll be nice to get a little bit of silence back again. lol. It's amazing how much noise and how much talk one child can do. :D

Funny thing is that I'll miss her when she goes back. Strange how things are...

Today, I've decided not to do any new writing. I started to write a new novel on Monday but after losing the thread of it yesterday afternoon and now having to ponder some stuff, I think I won't be tackling it today. I need some time to think. To figure some stuff out. Still, there are a few things that can come off the to-do list. I've already crossed the review below off the list. What a lovely book.

Next up is ARK by Stephen Baxter. I might have received it yesterday, but because it's a 2009 book, I've decided to push it to the top of the pile. After all, one of my January goals is to clear all of my 2009 review books off the list. And this has just become the only 2009 one left. :) Not that it's going to be a big struggle to push myself to read it. I can't wait! I really, REALLY enjoyed FLOOD.

I guess I'll see you tomorrow, then. *waving*

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