Monday 28 December 2009


Allison Beckstrom knows better than most that when magic's involved, nothing is free. She's had to pay its price of migraines and forgetfulness while working as a Hound, tracing illegal spells back to their casters. And even though magic has stolen her recent memory--including her history with the man she supposedly fell in love with--Allie isn't about to give up on Hounding or the city she cares about.

Then the police's magic enforcement division asks her to consult on what seems to be a straightforward missing-persons case. What begins as a way to make rent leads Allie into grave danger when the trail she's following draws her into the dark underworld of criminals, ghosts, and blood magic. There, Allie discovers it will take more than just magic to survive....

I had a pretty busy reading weekend during the four-day break, and actually finished this book just before the end of it. As you can tell from the posting date. :)

Anyway, I loved the first book in this series and couldn't wait to see where else Allie was going to go. And I wasn't disappointed. The poor girl goes from one bad situation to another in just a few days. I felt sorry for her, but absolutely loved riding along with her. And don't you just love Zay? I know I do. ;)

Oh, and her father gives me the creeps. Yeah, I know he's dead, but gee... he's still a jerk. If you've read this book, you'll know exactly what I mean. Looking forward to the next one.

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