Thursday 17 December 2009

The heat of summer is here

OMG. How can a picture be super spooky and so darn cute at the same time? Well, that's exactly what this one is. It kinda reminds me of Alyce. She seems to hide from herself a lot. Of course, she's got plenty to want to run from. lol.

Anyway. I missed yesterday. The day just slipped away before I got the change to pop in for a post. Why are there so many things to do every single day? Well, dropping and picking my daughter up from school can be scrubbed off the daily to-do list for the next six weeks. Yikes! That's a while, isn't it? It's summer here in Oz, so kids get a break for summer holidays.

Having my daughter home kinda shifts everything around. It also means that I hardly get any alone time. Actually, the only time I'll be alone is when I put her to bed at night and wait for hubby to get home. It means shuffling the day around, but she's old enough to know that I need writing time every day and finds things to do until I've added a chunk o' words. Which is actually what I should be doing right now. lol.

*stepping away from blog for a little while in order to continue with yet-to-be-titled story*

Okay, I'm back. Wow. Haven't done that kind of thing before, have I?

Anyway. I managed to hit 10,597 words and decided to stop for now. Maybe I'll be able to add a little more to the story tonight. That would be awesome. I've got the last bit of this chapter left, and then another one after that. So, getting this chapter done tonight will leave me with the last chapter tomorrow. Excellent. <--- say this like Mr. Burns. ;)

Okay. I think I might go down to check the mailbox now. Posties were on strike yesterday, but I'm not sure if they are today. I'll find out soon enough, I guess. See ya!

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