Tuesday 22 December 2009


Menolly, Camille, and Delilah are the D'Artigo Sisters-half-human, half-Faerie operatives for the Otherworld Intelligence Agency. Their latest assignment is to root out the secret society responsible for unleashing chaos magic against the city-and to stop a demon from devouring Delilah's soul.

This series is one of my favourites. You know the ones that feel like you're catching up with old friends every time you open the latest book in the series? The type that although you're absolutely itching to read, you try to put it off as long as you can because you don't want it to be over? Yeah, this series is like that for me. :)

I also love that the books are told in the POV of each sister. This one's the sixth book and happens to be narrated by Menolly. She's a vampire, and a very complex character. When you read the books from the POV of her sisters, you always get the sense of mystery and even a little detachment from her because she's so hard to read. But she's nothing like that. Menolly's one tough cookie - just like her awesome sisters - but she's also as devoted and vulnerable as them too. I just love getting into her head. She's ultra cool.

Each book adds to the cast and the story, and builds up into a world where darkness seems to be trying damn hard to engulf them. They find themselves in one bad situation after another, and have very complicated relationships with those around them. I love the supporting cast, too. They're all so very tough and cool.

The next one comes out next month. Can't wait! But the bottom line is... you should be reading this series. It's amazing, and only gets better. And what about those covers? Like I said, awesome. ;)

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