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The Drood family is all that stands between Humanity and all the forces of darkness. They were supposed to protect the world, but ended up ruling it. Eddie Drood discovered the lies at the heart of his family and brought them down. For his sins, they put him in charge: to run the family and to redeem it. Eddie feels the need to prove to the world that the Drood family is as strong as it ever was. So he decides to wipe out one of Humanity's greatest enemies, the soul eaters known as the Loathly Ones. But once started on this venture, he discovers that the Loathly Ones are just the forerunners of something far worse; the Many-Angled Ones, the Hungry Gods, descending from a higher dimension to consume every living thing in this world. Eddie Drood has got his work cut out for him...

This is the second book in the Secret Histories series by Simon R. Green, which is the story of Shaman Bond -- real name, Eddie Drood. A member of one of the oldest and most powerful families in England.

After realising the truth about his family, and the golden armour that protected them, in the first book, he practically destroyed their strongest defense and secret. But Eddie returns home and tries to salvage what's left of the family. To ensure they continue to secretly protect the world from the forces of supernatural evil and can fight off those willing to go up against them now that they're weakened.

This time he's up against the Loathly Ones, also known as the Hungry Gods, who are building gateways from another dimension and are ready to conquer Earth. You see, the Droods once dealed with them and now they've decided they want to invade this world. But Eddie won't stand for it, and with the help of several of his old allies (and sometimes enemies) as well as new ones, they go to war.

Many casualties result, most are members of the Drood family because they no longer have their torcs to protect them. Not even Eddie's girlfriend, Molly Metcalf the wild witch of the woods, is immune to what's going on and ends up carrying an awful burden within her.

Daemons Are Forever is another fast-paced, insanely clever, and fun book by Simon R. Green. He has a knack for creating some very fantastical, yet vivid characters, creatures, places, gadgets, and dangerous situations that make his books totally addictive.

Luckily for me, I've already got the third book on my bookshelf.

Daemons Are Forever, August 2009, ISBN 978-057-508483-4, Gollancz Paperback

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