Monday 2 November 2009

Ready, set... not ready yet!

Well, it's officially that NaNo time of the year. I've signed up for it, but I'm not prepared. I'm going to take part, but it looks like I won't be starting my story until tomorrow.

Let's get stuck into some numbers... I don't write on weekends, so if I skip today, I've got 20 days in which to write 50k. That means 2,500 words starting tomorrow. Y'know, that's definitely doable. And I'm not going to push myself to do 4k days like I usually do. It's just too late in the year, I'm a little distracted and am also expecting several edits to come my way. So, if I can manage to get the 50k done by the end of November, that would be great.

Part of the problem has been what story to work on. I was determined to write the first draft of M-YA#2 but there was another story wanting to be told first. It's a dark, sexy, paranormal, horrorish tale... and to be honest, at the moment, I'm more in the mood to write something of that genre than a futuristic. :)

That's the bottom line. So, this afternoon I'll just make sure that I take the appropriate notes and get into gear. I already have a bunch of scenes ready to be written and know the gist of the story, but I haven't come up with the beginning yet. I want the beginning to be on the scary side.

If I get really caught up in it and figure it out during my walk, I might even be able to get a start on it tonight. We'll see. But for now, I think I'm going to spend the afternoon reading... See ya!

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