Sunday 29 November 2009


Kitty and Ben thought they were done with Las Vegas, but it's beginning to looks like Vegas isn't done with them. A sadistic cult of lycanthropes and their vampire priestess have laid a curse on Kitty, revenge for her disrupting their rituals and now an invisible evil that smells like brimstone and plays with fire has followed them home.

The next full moon triggers danger and destruction in the form of fire and it's not just targeting Kitty, but the pack of werewolves she's sworn to protect. Kitty needs help if she's going to be able to extinguish the terror that's threatening to torch them all!

As I've mentioned before, I absolutely love this series, so it was awesome to read the latest Kitty book. It's always like catching up with old friends, very cool.

Kitty and Ben might be back in Denver, but what happened to them in Vegas has followed them home. Just when everything's going great with her life -- the pack, her radio show, the restaurant, and her marriage -- something strange and very evil is after Kitty. And if it can't get to her, then it's willing to burn the entire city in the process.

It looks like the Band of Tiamat haven't given up and are willing to go as far as to summon an elemental to get to Kitty. But in this book she not only has the help and support of her husband and fellow wolf, Ben, but she's still in contact with magician Odysseus Grant, as well as the Denver master vampire, Rick, and even picks up some new contacts in the form of the Paradox PI crew, which happens to be a TV show that investigates the paranormal.

I thought this book was fantastic. It seems like this series just gets better and better. The amount of growth in Kitty is always amazing. She's changed so much from the first book and continues to evolve into a very strong Alpha wolf that takes her responsibility seriously. If only new dangers didn't continue to pop up. In this book it's in the form of a vampire called Roman.

Kitty Raises Hell is another great addition to this wonderful and exciting series. Every time I finish the latest book, I can't wait to get my hands on the next one. It also reminds me why I love the urban fantasy genre so much.

Oh, and I particularly liked the subplot involving the appearance of T.J.'s brother. If you remember, T.J. was her best friend. A fellow wolf who helped Kitty at the beginning of the series at the expense of his own life.

Anyway, do yourself a favour and check out this series. You won't regret it!

Kitty Raises Hell, December 2009, ISBN 0575090065, Gollancz Paperback

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