Thursday 5 November 2009

I ran out time this arvo...

...it's something that seems to happen a lot! Especially if I'm in the middle of a writing whirlwind. I might have started this novel a little slow, but now that my brain and muse have finally gotten together, they're planning up a storm! Lol.

When I stopped writing this afternoon - before heading out to pick my daughter up from school - I left the word count @ 11,392. My target for today was 9,600 words, which means that I'm only 608 words away from reaching tomorrow's goal. I might get the chance to write a little more tonight. Not sure how I'll go. But I'm very excited about how it's going so far. The direction of the main storyline was there when I thought up the idea, but now several subplots have weaved their way into the story.

I absolutely *love* it when that happens. It looks like I'll have to grab my notebook and take some notes, though. Things are already bubbling, scenes that probably won't happen until a little later in the book. I love getting this excited about a story, it's what makes first drafts so much fun.

Yesterday, I started reading THE DROWNING CITY by Amanda Downum, and it's awesome so far. I had a feeling this book would be super cool, and it totally is. I really like Isyllt. Check out the cover for the second book: THE BONE PALACE. Wow!

I also managed to put my November/December newsletter together and emailed it out. Things are slowly coming off my to-do list. Slowly. :)

Anyway, time to go. I need to read some more of TDC. Bye!

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