Wednesday 28 October 2009

I got some things done today!

Yay! It always feels great to get things done, doesn't it?

Today was jam-packed with stuff. Firstly, even though I started the third (and final) draft of BOUNDLESS a day late, I'm back on track. Last night I reached page 20, and this afternoon I got my chunk done for today. I'm now at page 45/76. Not bad.

After my daughter goes to bed, I'm hoping to squeeze in another chapter. That would be awesome. Even though, as it stands, if I can get 16 pages done tomorrow and 15 the next day, I can still get this draft finished by the end of the week. *fingers crossed*

I also got my weights workout done, even if I couldn't get up for yoga this morning. I was too tired. We went to bed after 1AM, which is never a good idea on a weeknight. Still, it didn't stop me from getting stuff done. I even finished reading the first DARKE ACADEMY book. It was great, loved it!

The only problem with being so busy this week is that I'm not spending any time planning for NaNoWriMo. No time at all, not even thinking time because my mind's stuck in Alyce's world, or in my zombie ones. I mean, gee, I'm a pantser and all, but I'm usually organised. This year, not so much. So NaNoWriMo might end up being a little messy for me this year. If I get it done at all. :/

Anyway, that's it for another day. See ya!

*Don't forget that the VampChix VampBash is going on right now. There are a LOT of awesome things up for grabs.

**I'll also be posting an interview with fellow Damnation Books author, Lily on the 29th. And I'll be over at her blog on the 30th. Yay. :)

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