Wednesday 26 August 2009

Revision, revision

Oh, this picture's perfect for the chapters I'm about to revise in my YA story. The eerie and dark woods that my characters are about to venture into look something like this. At least, in my head they do. :)

I've been so caught up in the revision of this story that I've hardly read the last few days. Every available moment I have, I spend revising a little more. One chapter at a time does get you far.

I'm now up to page 120/278 pages. The word count's gone up by over 3k words, but I knew that it would.

I did have a bit of a false start with this second draft on Monday. Got through the first 40 pages before I decided to go back and start all over again. :/ I just wasn't happy with the work I'd done. Now, it's moving along a lot better.

I know I shouldn't worry too much about this, but the second draft is always so love-hate with me. It's a strange and very emotional thing that I'm totally over by the next draft, but it's a little draining when I'm going through it. Still, this particular story has a quality that is sorta keeping the negative thoughts at bay. Not the doubts, though. Those never fade.

Anyway, if I could reach the halfway mark by the end of today, that would be super awesome!

Well, I've got to do some dishes and a few other things around the house before it's time to head out and pick my daughter up from school. I wasn't kidding when I said that I'm totally consumed by this story at the moment. :)

See ya!

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