Thursday 27 August 2009

A bit of everything today

This morning, the hubby and I went for a nice drive after dropping my daughter off at school. On the way back we stopped by Officeworks to check out a few stationery items and ended up buying a few bits and pieces for my daughter. She's going to be very surprised when she gets home from school. :)

Anyway, we were checking out laptops, too. I think that mine's slowly dying on me. It takes a very long time to load a Word doc and sometimes doesn't even respond after the intial click. :( That makes me sad because I've got a lot of love for my lappy.

I'm checking out those really nice and compact ones, you know the ones I mean? They're small and cute, and very light. We'll see what happens.

It's back to revision now, though. I've reached page 155/280 already. Mostly, it's moving along nicely. Nothing huge needed to be changed, but I've moved plenty of sentences around, have added a few things I forgot to add during the first draft, keep deleting words that don't need to be there, and have often found myself replacing a four-word description with just one. Oh, and for some reason, my overuse of the word 'here' is driving me batty. Why, oh why, did I have to use it so much? *scratches head* Not to worry, I've been hacking them away.

I was hoping to reach page 200 by the end of today, but I'm not sure that's going to happen. I'll probably try to squeeze in another chapter this arvo and hopefully one tonight. If I do, I may just get close to it. Maybe.

Yesterday, I borrowed this book from the library. After reading this awesome list at The Book Smugglers website last week, this was one of the books that caught my eye. I checked my local library and reserved a copy. I think I might have to make my way through this whole list. I love futuristic/post-apocalyptic stories and have read some listed already, but others I will probably borrow or even buy.

Anyway, I won't be reading this book until I've finished the revision of M-YA because it's in the same genre. Instead, UNWIND is going to be my reading reward. Can't wait.

I think I need to do a few things before it's time to head out for the day...

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