Thursday 16 July 2009

Calm but blank...

When I picked this picture for today, my daughter said, "But there's nothing in the picture!", and well, she's right. That's oddly why it suits my mood.

Being feeling a little wonky this week.

At least it's almost over.

As you already know, I was hoping to get the first draft of M-YA finished by tomorrow.

Well, it's certainly not going to happen. I haven't written yet today, but as of yesterday, I reached 50,138 words. And although things are going to happen pretty quickly now - actually, the whole story moves at a pretty fast pace - I have a feeling that it won't get wrapped up in 10,000 words.

I could be wrong, but that's what I'm thinking right now.

I've also realised that I haven't said too much about the story. I'm always very mysterious about titles, character names, and the plot, aren't I? It's me being superstitious. I can say that it's a YA futuristic tale about a sixteen-year-old girl forced to face who/what she really is. She might be young but lives in a world different to ours and has (already) had a pretty hard life. She's constantly haunted by a lot of things - though not literally. It's not a paranormal, though there is a touch of fantasy, magic, and myth. And romantic complications.

It started out as a simple idea, but the more I've written and thought about it, the more involved it becomes. That's a great thing, trust me. I always find that the same thing happens. I start out a story pretty sure of where it's headed and then reach a certain spot where all the pieces I've had trapped inside my head fall together. Fitting in better than I imagined they would. I've spoken about this many, many other times - I call it writing magic. ;)

Okay, that's enough blog writing. I need to add some words and see where the story takes us today...

PS. The Pinkie Toe of Doom is still not healed. I can't wear shoes, and won't even attempt to until the weekend, but thongs (flip-flops) have been working fine. The bruising's still there but the swelling's gone down a lot. I'm hoping that we were completely wrong and it's not broken after all. Maybe that's wishful thinking on my part.

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