Tuesday 16 June 2009


A remote shelf in the Arctic circle. A small TV crew is braving the harsh conditions to film the breaking off of a major ice shelf - yet another nail in the planet's eco-coffin. Then someone calls out, pointing at something up in the sky overhead. The camera pans up and they look up to see a blazing symbol clear, burning high over the bleak, deserted terrain.

Thus begins a series of strange events worldwide as the mysterious sign appears over the sites of conflict, natural disasters and terrorist atrocities. What can it portend? The world is wracked with both fear and hope. Suddenly, all this is focussed onto one man. An obscure monk who recognises the symbol from the past and understands what it means for the future of humanity. But as he becomes the most sought-after man on the planet, the questions have to be asked: could this be the real deal or the most elaborate fake in world history?

This is an interesting book that sucks you in from the very beginning, presenting an intriguing situation that makes you wonder what's going on.

While Grace Logan and her film crew are filming in the Arctic circle, she notices a strange sign up in the sky, like a sphere of light above them that eventually fades as if it had never been there. As they film the occurence and the world sees it for themselves, speculation begins with everyone trying to figure out what is going on and what it could all mean. Matt Sherwood is trying to get on with his life and trying to overcome the harshness of his younger life, when he embarks on his own adventure to find out what happened to his brother Danny.

Told in different point of views, the reader is thrown into the mysterious speculation and worlwide debate of trying to find out just what the sign was, and who was responsible for it. The social commentary adds to the story and encourages every turn of the page. As it keeps you wondering.... is it religious, alien, or something else entirely. You'll have to get to the end to find that out.

The Sign is an enjoyable book with twists and turns that you'll enjoy, and a fast pace that'll keep you guessing all the way to the end. As for whether you'll be surprised or disappointed with how it all turns out, I'll leave that up to you to decide.

The Sign, June 2009, ISBN 0752897594, Orion Fiction Paperback

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