Friday 12 June 2009

Good morning, Friday!

Loki's picked up this new habit of jumping up onto the computer desk and standing in front of the screen. I think it's to stop me from looking anywhere else but at him. Which is really annoying, since I mostly look at the screen while I type. :/ Still, he looks so darn cute.

He's sitting in front of me right now. Gee!

So, how's your week going?

For us, this week was a short one because of the public holiday we had on Monday, so I've been living a day behind. Yeah, I've gotten lost along the way but I'm glad it's Friday. Another weekend's around the corner. Besides, don't Fridays always have an awesome vibe about them? Even when I was working full time, I didn't mind working the last day of the week.

Okay, let's talk writing.

Yesterday, while I was walking home after dropping my daughter off at school, I had my MP3 player plugged into my ears. A song that I really (really) like came up and all of a sudden, a new idea hit me. I swear, it happened just like that. A sentence rolled inside my head and it expanded from there. By the time I got home, I already knew a lot about the main character's background and why she was born special. I also cast three of the characters and know it's going to be a YA story. By the afternoon, I knew her inner and outer struggle. Very cool!

But I'm still working on the other story. Yeah. I've given up on that whole not-writing until next week. In fact, I'm now sitting @ 11,057 words. I'm also really enjoying it and have found a bunch of new things popping up. All stuff that'll enhance the ongoing story, and introduce several subplots. I'm looking forward to getting back to it later on. Not sure how much more I'll add, but any new words are good words. And I really need a code name for it, though that's hard when it doesn't even have a title yet.

Today we need to leave a little earlier than usual because it's soccer day for my daughter. So, I better get ready. Have a great weekend!

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