Monday 18 May 2009

Supernatural, baby!

As you can probably tell... we watched the SUPERNATURAL season finale over the weekend. And wow, awesome!

I *love* this show so much. How are we supposed to go without it for several months? Especially since it ended in such a cliffhanger.

Still, I was satisfied with several things that happened in the episode. One major bit being the death of a female character that has annoyed the hell out of me all season. And I'm not talking about Lilith. ;)

Anyway, I really enjoyed it and can't wait to catch up with the Windester Boys again.

Well, it's the start of yet another week. We're not far from mid-year again, huh? Before we realize it, we'll be getting all geared up for X-Mas again. Lol.

This morning, I managed to add 1k to my WIP - UC. Yeah, you might remember that I didn't add any new words from Wed-Fri last week, but that's all going to change today. I've crossed the 35k mark and really want to push myself to get close to 50k by the end of the week. I know it sounds like a lot, but in the past I've managed to add 20k+ in one week. So, if I put all my concentration/time on it during this week, I just might be able to make it. Fingers crossed.

Friday ended up being very productive for me. I might not have added any (new) words to anything, but I did cast two heroes and two heroines for two new Sci-Fi ideas that I had last week. And, I even managed to write several pages worth of 'plot notes' as well as 'character notes' for each story. I do believe I know exactly where these stories are going, and can't wait to write them. They'll have to wait for a bit, though. :) Not too long, though. They keep bugging me, and want to be written. Even if there's another installment that needs to be written before them. Lol.

Well, it's brekky time for my daughter, so I gotta get going.

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