Monday 27 April 2009

What a lovely day!

Okay. How was everyone's weekend? We had an awesome one. Hubby had a long weekend, so we popped into the city today and went to a few places. It was really nice... and I got to go to my fave bookstore too. That's always a treat.

Oh, and I finished the third/final draft for UH on Friday night. I had a bit of time to myself, so I used it wisely. The final word count ended up being 86,921. That's 430 double-spaced pages. Just gotta open up the doc one last time to make sure that everything's totally done. :)

It's my daughter's last day of school holidays tomorrow. She goes back on Wednesday, and I've decided that from Wed-Fri, I'm going to take it easy. And by taking it easy I mean, planning ahead, of course.

Tomorrow, the hubby goes back to work and I've got to do the second round of edits for my little zombie tale, which will be published in the Weirdly 3 anthology. Looking forward to it! And I'd like to read some more of the latest book I've started reading.

I also read The Sandman Vol. 10: The Wake yesterday. Wow. It was awesome! Except, for some reason, the library doesn't have volume 9, so now I have no idea what really happened to Morpheus. And I totally need to know. I especially loved Sunday Mourning.

Well, we're going to watch the Australian The Biggest Loser finale tonight...

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