Wednesday 15 April 2009

Hey, I'm back... in mid-week!

Well, last night we took Loki to the RSPCA vet for his annual check up. According to the very nice vet, he's very healthy and a big cat. Today, he's a little zonked out because of the vaccine. He didn't even wake me up once during the night. That's really rare for him, he loves to wake me up demanding food and/or company. :)

My daughter's officially on school holidays and she doesn't go back until the end of the month. Man, it's gonna be a long month. :/ The productivity just slumps so much when I lose all of those valuable at-school hours. Instead of 6+ hours, it goes down to about 2 hours. Still, I'm making the most of what I do have.

During the weekend, I managed to squeeze in some writing. Now, UC (UH = book 1, UL = book 2, UC = book 3) is sitting @ 15,173 words. Not a bad start to the book. I've set up a lot of the turmoil and really got a feel for the character, which is what I was hoping to do. For the next few weeks, however, I will be working on the final draft of UH.

That's my goal for the next two weeks. I'd like to have the final draft completed by the time my daughter goes back to school. So I can then (hopefully) get stuck into finishing the first draft of UC. :) Are you getting confused with all the U-initials yet? So far, I've reached page 113/425. Which is quite good since I started yesterday morning.

As you can tell from my reviews below, I went a little nuts with the reading over the Easter weekend. Asides from finishing up the Ugilies Tally trilogy -- I've got EXTRAS on my TBR pile, btw -- I also read The Sandman Volume 4 SEASON OF MISTS and The Sandman Volume 6 FABLES & REFLECTIONS. For some reason, Volume 5 was MIA from the library, so both hubby and I missed out on reading that one. Anyway. I enjoyed them, but I still found that the stories were very hit or miss with me. I especially enjoyed the Orpheus tales, they were very interesting. Though I found August to be yeck! But really enjoyed The Hunt.

At the moment, I'm reading this book. I've already passed the halfway point and would love to finish it today. It's cool so far.

Well, it looks like my daughter's sleeping a little later than usual today. So I might try to get another chapter revised before she wakes up. See ya!

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