Saturday 25 April 2009

The Good Neighbors Book One: KIN

Rue Silver's mother has disappeared . . . and her father has been arrested, suspected of killing her. But it's not as straightforward as that. Because Rue is a faerie, like her mother was. And her father didn't kill her mother -- instead, he broke a promise to Rue's faerie king grandfather, which caused Rue's mother to be flung back to the faerie world. Now Rue must go to save her -- and must also defeat a dark faerie that threatens our very mortal world.

This graphic novel is amazing! The story's interesting and throws you into the uncertain life of Rue Silver after her mother disappears. It's filled with great characters, many secrets, twists and turns, as well as an amazing array of faerie hiding from the average human eye. And my gosh! The art is gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous. Every frame, every page is filled with beautiful, realistic-looking art. The fact that it's printed in black and white makes it so much more mysterious.

I absolutely LOVED this and can't wait to read the next one.

The funny thing about this book is that when I first read this blurb, it (unfortunately) reminded me of a story idea that I had for a YA novel. You know how it is when you think you read the story you pictured already published by someone else. Lol. The great news, though, is that it's nothing like my idea. How cool is that?

Anyway, this is a fantastic graphic novel. Holly Black and do no wrong. :)

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