Sunday 22 March 2009

UNDONE: Outcast Season Book 1

Once she was Cassiel, a Djinn of limitless power. Now, she has been reshaped in human flesh as punishment for defying her master—and living among the Weather Wardens, whose power she must tap into regularly or she will die. And as she copes with the emotions and frailties of her human condition, a malevolent entity threatens her new existence...

It's no secret that I love Rachel Caine's writing. IMO, she's one of the best authors around nowadays, and reading this book only confirmed it. It's a spin-off from her Weather Warden series, so I got a real kick out of seeing Joanne, David and Lewis from someone else's POV.

Cassiel, considering what she used to be, should be an unsympathetic and cold character that the reader should feel a certain distance from... but she isn't. The fact that she was such a great djinn and is then forced into an average simple human body as punishment forces her to connect to a humanity she never thought she could understand or care about. And her friendship with Manny and his family is heartwarming.

There are a LOT of factors that make this story fantastic! It kept me glued to every page so much that I pretty much finished it in one day. I just had to know what was going to happen next, and I felt a lot of sadness about a certain event that happens. The vulnerability of the human body always strikes a cord with me.

Anyway, if you like a fast, action-packed, deep and involved story with twists, turns, and a hell of a lot of danger, then you'll love this one. I know I did!

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