Wednesday 25 March 2009

Books = smile!

So. I had the chance to sleep in today but for some reason couldn't. It looks like my body clock has gotten used to the 4am wake-up and doesn't want to change it. Lol.

Not to mention that the cat didn't want me to stay in bed either. :/

So, here I am, typing away a post at 6:30am. That's not too bad, I suppose. But because daylight savings hasn't changed yet, it's still dark outside.

Anyway, yesterday I finished the second draft/rewrite of my (latest) urban fantasy novel. Yay! It's just over 83k. I made minor changes to the story, but a lot as far as the actual writing style. Simply because the way I write keeps evolving. I'm really happy with how it went, and considering that this is the start of a trilogy, I'm also quite excited about the follow-ups. The next one is already written in first draft form, and the one after that is at the 'plotting' stages. It's exciting.

I'm going to put it aside for a few weeks. Well, after I add an epilogue. :/ I just decided that it needed one yesterday, and wrote a little of it in a notebook this morning because I started writing it in my head when I was supposed to be (still) sleeping. Lol. These things happen.

Yesterday, I got THIS BOOK! I read the first five chapters before going to bed. OMG! I love it so far. I've been wanting to read this book since I first heard about it. Oh, and I picked up this book from the library. I've been trying to find it at the shops but only ever found the second one. So, at least now I get to read it. Yay! And this one arrived too! Gee, I love books. ;)

Okay. I think it's time I stopped raving on and hope you all have a lovely Wednesday!

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