Wednesday 11 February 2009


He is the grandmaster stylist of macabre storytelling; the dean of American literary terror. Edgar Allan Poe’s tales of brooding fear, haunting mystery, and horrifying madness are flawless gems of dark imagination. And in the rich, raw, unchained nightmare renderings of renowned painter and graphic artist Richard Corben, Poe’s timeless works find their most gloriously chilling visual counterpart.

Now, after more than a decade’s absence, the landmark collaboration of these kindred souls in the great ghoulish tradition is resurrected. Edgar Allan Poe: “The Fall of the House of Usher” and Other Tales of Terror, faithfully adapted and fully illustrated in bewitching color and devilish detail, is vintage Poe and classic Corben for devotees of consummate dread.

Last night, I was having trouble getting to sleep because of that little breathing prob I have. I just couldn't lie down without feeling like my nose was so stuffy that the oxygen couldn't get through. So, I got up to put some nasal spray up my nose and hubby suggested I read for a while.

I borrowed this from the library - hubby found it for me - and decided to read in bed so that I could get tired enough to sleep. By 2am, I was done reading the whole thing. Very creepy stories, and I felt that the pictures kept the creepy mood and atmosphere going. I enjoyed it!

Oh, and I got right to sleep afterwards. No nightmares, either. :)

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