Wednesday 24 December 2008


I'm a huge Sookie Stackhouse fan. I love the books, the characters, and the awesome world Charlaine Harris has created.

So, of course I was interested in watching TRUE BLOOD. And I wasn't disappointed. It's an amazing thing to watch a show about a book series that until now had played out only inside my head as I read. I can only imagine how Charlaine feels when she watches it. It must be surreal. And awesome!

Anyway, last night hubby and I watched the last three episodes, and I have to say that I'm very impressed. Sure, there are some differences and even some new characters, but I feel like the essence, mood, atmosphere, and setting were captured very well. I really enjoyed the first season and got a kick out of waiting to meet the characters as they popped up in the show. That was a lot of fun. Especially seeing Sam and Eric. :)

I have my faves and I was very happy with the casting. There's nothing worse than imagining people and then being disappointed when they hit the screen. So, that's cool.

I'm giving TRUE BLOOD the thumbs up... and it looks like season two is heading into book 2 territory. :D And I have to say, watching the show makes me want to pick up the first book and re-read the series.

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