Wednesday 22 October 2008


From Melbourne's gleaming skyscrapers to its throbbing nightclubs, Riley Jenson's world is raging with danger and desire. A drop-dead-gorgeous werewolf - with a touch of vamp coursing in her blood - Riley works for an organization created to police the supernatural races. But when she wakes up naked and bruised in a barren alley, she knows only that she must run for her life.

Within moments Riley collides with the sexiest man she's ever seen: steely, seductive Kade, who is fighting a life-and-death battle of his own. With old lovers and enemies gathering around her, Riley knows she is being pursued by a new kind of criminal. Because in Riley's blood is a secret that could create the ultimate warrior - if only she can survive her own dangerous desires…

This is the second book in the Riley Jenson Guardian series. Just like the first one, the plot was intense, filled with action and hot, hot, hot! I love what Keri's done with the werewolves, vampires and shifters of this world. Not to mention that it's awesome to read about a world set in Australia. It's super cool. Mostly it's in Melbourne, but Riley and Quinn go to Sydney in this one. ;)

The danger in Riley's life reaches maximum overdrive in the final chapters, but I have a feeling that it'll just get more serious as the series moves along. I can't wait to find out. What about all those hot guys in her life? Lol. Great series!

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