Thursday 16 October 2008


Some people worship them. Some people fear them. And some people—like Morgan Kingsley—go up against them toe-to-toe, flesh-to-flesh, and power against power. An exorcist by trade, Morgan is one of the few humans with an aura stronger than her possessor, even though her demon can tease her body senseless. She's also a woman who has just discovered a shocking truth: everything she once believed about her past, her identity, may have been a lie…

With a family secret exploding around her and with a full-scale demon war igniting, Morgan is a key player in an unsettled world. Then a rogue, sociopathic demon enters her life with a bang. His name is The Hunter. And since she is the prey, Morgan has only one choice: to hunt The Hunter down—no matter what heartbreaking truths she uncovers on the way…

Okay. This series has officially made it on the list of my (ever-growing) fave urban fantasy series books. Does that make sense? I'm lovin' Morgan's attitude. I mean, with all the stuff she's going through, is it any wonder that she reacts the way she does? Nope. I also like that although she's tough, there are still so many facets of her life that weaken her.

The concept of this series is fantastic and I've already strapped in to enjoy the ride. Lots of secrets were revealed in this one, and the overall plot just gets thicker and thicker. I can't help but wonder just where this is all going to end. Wherever it leads, I'm looking forward to reading all of the installments.

It was nice meeting her brother Andrew, but I was devastated by what happend to him in the end. :( Oh, and the more we get to learn about Dom and Adam, the better. ;) Not to mention Lugh.

Actually, the third book comes out in November. So I can't wait!


K. said...

I know, aren't these great books?! The third book is awesome (and so is the fourth!). Hee, hee. I got a sneak peak. :D

Yolanda Sfetsos said...

Hi Kelly! They sure are great. :)

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