Friday 1 August 2008


Abbey Shore never intended to be the savior of the world; it was just something that happened—like her father’s tragic death and the fact that she’s now poor and “flipping” houses in the Chicago suburbs to finish college. And there’s more: behind a crumbling wall in her current renovation, a swirling vortex hides. It’s a gate, a portal—and it will not only cast her into the arms and power of the enigmatic yet doomed Dr. Shane Maddox, but also into the clutches of Lucinda, the eerie, leather-clad beauty who shadowed his every move in the Sacred Heart ER. Abbey will soon be one hundred years in the future, in a dying land filled with roving bands of humans fighting for survival, and the “ticks” against whom they fight. Oh yes, Abbey’s life has had a…TWIST.

I finished this book this morning. If I wasn't so tired last night, I would've gotten through the last thirty pages then... but, I decided it would be better to read the end when I was fresh this morning. :) I think that was a good idea.

You know, I'm really not surprised that I enjoyed this book so much. This is the fifth SHOMI I've read, and so far, I'm totally lovin' this line. Awesome. This one involved time travel, ticks, and a post-apocalyptic future that grabbed me from the beginning.

Man, I'm totally loving these post-apoc books. This line is so cool.

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