Wednesday 27 August 2008


Wow. You know, I seem to be saying that a lot with this series. But man, tell me each book doesn't have a Wow! moment.

It's amazing. Just when I thought the story couldn't get more complicated and Bella had finally sorted out the state of her heart, I read this book. Yikes! She's still got a lot to get through and I can't wait to see what she chooses, how everything ends in a HEA, and just what's going to happen in BREAKING DAWN... which I intend to start reading today, btw. :D


Debra Moore said...

Oh Yo, how I loved the books. Got to be one of the best series I ever read. I was HOOKED I tell ya.

These are the kinds of books that actually make me something I never am...jealous as hell. I breathe just so I can one day dream of writing a story so engrossing.

Does the movie come out in Aussieland? It opens here in November. Can't wait...can't get enough of those characters.

Oh, and I understand she's working on a "companion" book from Edward's POV. Wow is all I can say.

Yolanda Sfetsos said...

I agree. I'm totally hooked as well. She's an amazing storyteller, that's for darn sure. :)

The movie should come out here too, not sure about the date though. And man, I just can't wait to see it now. Lol.

I read about Edward's story. Looking forward to that. But first, I'm looking forward to reading BREAKING DAWN. ;)

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