Sunday 31 August 2008


I have to say that I love this cover. This one and the first one are my favourite. I love the symbolism. Very cool. :)

So. I stayed up until about 2am on Sunday morning because I really, really wanted to know how everything was going to turn out. Okay. Now, I'm back to that one word: Wow! I have to say, I'm very excited to have read these four books in a row, and in under 2 weeks. I know I got into them a bit late, but I preferred to get stuck into them this way.

What's the verdict? I LOVED the Saga. There were so many strange, bizarre and unexpected things that happened in this installment, but they were all great. Every piece of the puzzle fit together and ensured everyone got their HEA. The many questions that came up during the series were answered too.

I can't wait to watch the movie and experience everything all over again. I sure hope they make the whole lot of the books into movies. That would be awesome! ;)


Debra Moore said...

Yo! Gotta check this out too, in case you just can't get enough (like me!)


or for more info on it: http://stepheniemeyer.com/midnightsun.html

Yolanda Sfetsos said...

I know, it's such a shame. But I grabbed the pdf she offered and look forward to reading it. :)

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