Sunday 22 June 2008


Investigating a noise in the attic of her historic home, Maggie Holliday encounters a handsome man in a Civil War uniform. He calls her "Isabel," seduces her in ways the shy academic had never dreamed of…then literally vanishes.

With every fleeting visit, Maggie's mysterious lover—Ethan—takes her closer to the edge of ecstasy and madness. Is he really a ghost? Far from chilling her, his touch is incendiary—it all feels so real and so very, very good. And so very familiar…

Ethan insists Maggie's the reincarnation of his long-lost love. And after a few incredible nights in his arms, Maggie is inclined to believe him. But does she dare surrender to a passion that transcends time, tragedy…and even death?

What a pretty cover, huh? I actually finished reading this book a few weeks ago, but I just realised that I hadn't put a post up for it yet. So, here I am. I gotta tell ya, I'm REALLY enjoying these Extreme Blaze novels.

This one was a ghost story about a woman who moves into a new house and learns a whole lot about herself and her past. And I'm not talking about her current life, either. I really enjoyed reading about Ethan too, and Maggie's story arc was great. I was cheering for her several times.

Anyway, if you enjoy a lovely love story that spans more than one lifetime, you'll definitely enjoy this one. Oh, but I need to warn you, although there is a HEA, it's not an average one. It was quite different, for a romance novel. Still, it made sense. :)

I really enjoyed it!

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